The evaluation bases for the association trademark "AUSTROKANTEL - ARGE für Qualitätskantel" consist of the technical guideline "Massive, finger-jointed and laminated profiles for wooden windows" and various sets of standards, such as ÖNORMEN B 3013 and ÖNORM B 2217, which correspond to the current state of science and technology and are supplemented and further developed in line with progress.

Ihe following essential characteristics are standardised and quality assurance mechanisms are anchored in the directive:

You can download the complete text of the technical guidelines as a doc-file (24 kb) here.

System decription
The producer must describe his product and production in detail. The system description is approved by an accredited testing laboratory as part of the system test. Any changes must be notified to the testing laboratory immediately and approved by it.

System testing
As part of the system testing, test specimens of the products are subjected to strict laboratory tests. The resulting results and various test certificates for the production equipment provide proof of suitability for the respective system.

The high quality standard of an AUSTROKANTEL company can only be maintained by intensive self-monitoring of production. The content of the self-monitoring system is strictly defined by the guidelines, the form can be determined by each company together with the testing or monitoring body. This quality assurance as part of the overall system is also defined in the system description; compliance is checked within the framework of external monitoring.
External monitoring
Following the conclusion of a monitoring contract with an accredited testing or monitoring body, operational inspections are carried out twice a year. The main focus here is on compliance with the system description and the production parameters. In addition, random samples are taken from the current production and tested in the laboratory of the monitoring centre. Above all, the bonding quality is checked by bending tests and water storage.

Optimum product quality can only be guaranteed by competent personnel. In the technical guidelines of the association trained personnel is prescribed for the different areas (wood drying, gluing,...). The person responsible for quality in an AUSTROKANTEL company must have the appropriate training and must ensure in-depth knowledge through training and further education.

Company equipment
Not only are suitable sawn timber yards, drying plants, storage rooms for adhesives and production halls with a suitable climate required from the production companies, but the equipment must also meet certain requirements. The mechanical equipment must be suitable for the production of a corresponding and constant quality. The function and accuracy of the various devices are checked in the course of operational checks.

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